Arizona State Teams

2014 Target Year

Congratulations 2014 Arizona State Trapshooting Team Members!

Men First Team Men Second Team
Tim Robb, Captain .9629 Don Jensen .9378
Scott McClelland .9542 Dick Newell .9375
Vince Bianco .9445 Lindy Albright .9308
Doug Sims .9435 Steven Phelps .9207

Sam Leiendecker


Walter Allen


Men's team minimum target requirements are 2,000 Singles, 2,000 Handicap and 1,000 Doubles

Women Veteran Senior Veteran
Sandra Luchetta, Captain .9275 Gerry Williams, Captain .9477 Fred Frazier, Captain .9358
Karen Bergman .9266 Mike Luchetta .9472 Roger Coveleskie .9323
Karen Stingl .9203 Jim Sharp .9407 Dean McClure .9303
Kristi Williams .9000 Jay Alderman .9402 Wayne Warde .9258
Susan Kalal .8851 Randy Kalal .9201 Harold Teague .9187

 Women, Veteran, and Senior Veteran minimum target requirements are 1,500 Singles,1,000 Handicap and 500 Doubles

Sub Junior Junior
Canyon Ferris, Captain .9279 Sam Roehrich, Captain .9191
Daniel Skaggs .8576 Stephen Henderson .9119
Jack Cavender .8488 Kadin McDonald .8919
Sheldon Boyce Privetts .7414 Jace Jacobs .8598
Wyatt Magers .6772 Alex Schneider .6294

Sub Junior and Junior  minimum target requirements are 500 Singles, 300 Handicap and 200 Doubles


(Category Shooters please note:  If a shooter's category changed during the target year, the category in which the shooter shot the longest period of time will determine the category for team placement)


Rookie of the Year

Jace Jacobs


(Rookie of the Year target requirements, minimum 500 singles, 300 handicap , 200 doubles and new to the ATA in the 2013 target year)

2014 High Average Leaders


These teams were compiled based on ATA records from the 2014Target Year.  If you believe there is an error, please contact the ASTA Secretary ASAP at