Arizona State Teams

2016 Target Year

Congratulations 2016 Arizona State Trapshooting Team Members!

Shooters please note:  If your category changed during the target year, the category in which you shot the

 longest period of time determines your category for team placement, per ASTA policy


Men - First Team Second Team
Kenneth Mlynarz, Captain .9260 Steve Bell .8409
Max Peevyhouse .9191 Don Williamson .8385
Thomas Darvin .8897 Steve Long .8290
Al Matthews .8504

Darrell Goen


Art Hammer


Eric Binger .7740

Mens team minimum target requirements are 2,000 Singles, 2,000 Handicap and 1,000 Doubles

Women Veteran Senior Veteran
Karen Bergman, Captain .9155 Tim Robb, Captain .9562 Jay Alderman, Captain .9236
Sandra Luchetta .9033 James Sharp .9384 Robert Mlynarz .9020
Karen Stingl .9013 Gerry Williams .9355 Richard Lane .8927
Sherry Schatz .8744 Doug Sims .9304 George Miller .8912
Tiger Volz .8658 Ronald Schroer .9263 Roger Coveleskie .8897

 Women, Veteran, and Senior Veteran minimum target requirements are 1,500 Singles,1,000 Handicap and 500 Doubles

Sub Junior Junior
Wyatt Majers, Captain .8730 Charles Wing Wachtel, Captain .9274
Sheldon Boyce Privetts .7944 Canyon Ferris .9158
David Polkabla Jr .5983 Stephan Henderson .9068
    Daniel Skaggs .8980
    Colton Hartley .8923

Sub Junior and Junior  minimum target requirements are 500 Singles, 300 Handicap and 200 Doubles

Rookie of the Year

Robert Sawyer


Rookie of the Year target requirements, minimum 500 singles, 300 handicap , 200 doubles and new to the ATA in the 2015 target year

2016 High Average Leaders


These teams were compiled based on ATA records from the 2016 Target Year. 

 If you believe there is an error, please contact the ASTA Secretary ASAP at