Dennis Westerlin

2004 Inductee


    Dennis Westerlin made his presence felt nationally in 1995 when he had the highest composite average for all the Veterans in the United States with .9550.

    His Arizona accomplishments include 27 State trophies since 1997 as a resident veteran and Senior Veteran. He is a perennial member of the state Veteran and Senior Veteran high average Teams since 1995. His averages are high enough to make the regular State Team. He shot his first targets in 1954. By 1984 he had shot his first hundred straight in handicap. In 1994 he became an Arizona Resident. As a resident in Nebraska he routinely won trophies at the state shoot when he had time to complete.

    Upon his retirement, move to Arizona and becoming a Veteran in 1995 his true capabilities as a shooter became evident to all. In 1995 he had time to compete, and compete he did. In 1995 he trophied in Alaska in Handicap and won the Non-Resident HAA. He went back in 2000 taking 8 trophies including the runner-up in HOA. That was the year he was the high average veteran in the United States.

    Dennis didn't just shoot the big shoots; he supported the smaller weekend shoots throughout Arizona. He competed regularly at Tucson, Casa Grande, Garden Canyon, and Double Adobe, normally winning multiple trophies. He always was more than willing to help fellow shooters with good advice, a pat on the shoulder and a wonderful smile. He was the type of shooter who made everyone who was shooting and competing with him happy. Going back to his home state, Nebraska, as a non-resident Veteran and Senior Veteran, he won 26 trophies from 1996 to date.

    On the national level Dennis won multiple trophies at both the Western Grand and the Spring Grand including HOA. Dennis most recent accolade came during the 2003 target year where Dennis had the second highest composite average for a Senior Veteran in the country at .9413. Dennis Westerlin is Nebraska's loss and Arizona's gain.

    We welcome Dennis Westerlin into the Arizona Hall of Fame.