Dick Goerlich

Inducted 2009

In the fall of 1977 at the age of 17, Dick began registering his first of many targets at the old Shotyard Gun Club in Phoenix. He became intrigued in the sport after watching the summer Olympics on TV and said to himself, " that looks like fun and something I could do". Since then and of this writing, he has amassed 80,125 singles, 95,100 handicap and 44,250 doubles targets.  

Dick achieved his Grand Slam in August of 2000 and reached the pinnacle of shooting becoming a AA-27-AA shooter. He has been on the Arizona State Men's team 10 times, several of those as Captain. He has won State championships in singles and doubles, along with numerous State High All Around and High Over All titles.  

He continues to shoot the same Perazzi TM1 that he purchased in 1978. That same year he traveled to the Grand at Vandalia, Ohio with his parents in a RV, which started a love affair with that site that continues to this day. He shot the "last Grand at Vandalia" in 2005 and has always been intrigued by the trolleys, museum, people, food and all the history that wonderful site had to offer.  

Dick's list of shooting accomplishments are many, but just as long is his service to Arizona's Trapshooting Association. Dick, began his involvement with the ASTA in 1996 and served continuously through 2008. For 12 years he sacrificed his time for the betterment of our State and for 8 of those years he served in the capacity of President. He has been an inspiration to the past Boards, the present, and certainly future Board members will remember his dedication and "can do" attitude. 

 Major Trophy Wins

Year                       Event                    Trophy Won               Score    


Arizona State Shoot:  

1978                  Dbl Chmp                 ATA Champ                    98  

1996                  Sgl Chmp                  ATA Champ                    97  

2001                  Sgl Chmp                  Runnerup                       199, 50 sh

                           HOA                          Winner                            969 

2003                  Friday hd                  Winner                            98

                          Dbl Chmp                  Runnerup                       97  

                           All-Around               Class AA                          386

                           HOA                          Class AA                          962

2004                  Dbl Chmp                 Class AA                          97,40 sh

                           Hd Chmp                 3rd and 25-27                 96, sh

                           All-Around                ATA Champ                    390, sh

2005                  Wed. hd                    25-27                               97      

                           HOA                           Class AA                          954  

2006                  Class Dbl                   Class AA                         100

                           Sgl Chmp                  Class AA                         199 121x125sh

                           HOA                          Class AA                          958

Grand American:

 1978                 Prelim Sat Sgl          Class A                            100

 2006                 Prelim Tue Sgl         Class AAA                       100


 Autumn Grand:

 2004                  Hd Chmp                7th                                   96



 1999                 Thu Sgl                     Class AA                          100       

 2003                 Thu Hd                     3rd                                   98

 2008                 Fri Hd                       4th                                   98