Bill Headstream

2007 Inductee

    All of us that knew Bill Headstream during his trapshooting career knew that he was a devoted trap shooter. He was not only concerned with his own shooting but was also concerned about trapshooting in general and always had time to talk to anyone wishing to ask questions or just general conversation. Bill was instrumental in helping get the Yuma Trap Club started and served as the treasurer for several years. In addition, he served as a Director on the Arizona State Trap Shooting Association many years as well as holding the office of ATA Delegate during the years 1988 to 1990.
    To say Bill was a colorful part of trapshooting would be an understatement. He not only excelled as a shooter but he brought a substantial amount of entertainment to the shoots. He always volunteered to help the clubs at the shoots he attended and was also well known for the manner in which he ran the calcuttas. He is still copied by some of the better know auctioneers today. When the days shooting is over and the stories about trapshooting in Arizona are told, Bill Headstream's name always works its way into the topic of conversation. Bill had an unusual way and ability to settle arguments, both of which are still talked about today.
    Bill began his shooting career in 1973 and attended shoots in many states, breaking his first 100 straight at the 1974 Mississippi State Shoot. As a matter of shooting singles, Bill broke more 200 straights in 1977 than most shooters break in a lifetime. During that year, he broke eleven 200 straights including winning the Arizona Singles Championship with a 200 straight. Here is a list of Bill's major trophy wins at the Arizona State Shoot.

The following is a listing of Billís shooting accomplishments at the Arizona State Shoots:

Year                Event               Trophy Won                                        Score

1975               Fri Sgl             Class AA                                             100

                        Dbl Chmp       Class D                                                 91

1977               Sgl Chmp        ATA Champion                                  200

                        Dbl Chmp        ATA Champion                                    97

                        All-Ar                ATA Champion                          388x400

                        HOA                 Winner                                      960x1000

1980               Sgl Cl Chmp   Class AA                                              99

                        Fri Dbl             Class AA                                              99

                        HOA                 Open AA                                   915x1000

1986               Sgl Chmp        Class AA                                              98

                        Dbl Chmp        ATA Champion                                    97

                        HOA                 Winner                                       930x1000

1987               Dbl Cl Chmp   Class AA                                              97

1988               Thu Dbl            Class AA                                              96

1990               Thu Dbl            Class AA                                              99      

                        Dbl Chmp        Class AA                                              98

1992               Wed Sgl          Class AA                                            100