Jim Grider

2009 Inductee

Jim was born in a small Illinois town to a coal miner family. He learned about guns as a youngster as his Dad was a hunter and also participated in turkey shoots . At a young age, Jim would take 5 shells, go out and shoot 5 rabbits.  

Since firing his first ATA target in 1977, you will find Jim shooting whenever he can; either shooting registered targets, or shooting practice at the Globe/Miami Gun Club or some type of fund raising shoot. Jim was instrumental in putting in the first trap house at the Globe/Miami Club. He is an active member of the Friends of NRA and sits on the committee. Jim has also advised and assisted several local clubs in obtaining grants to enhance their shooting facilities.  

His love for the sport has earned him countless friends from the west coast to the Midwest. No matter where he is shooting, he is always willing to help in some way, whether the shoot is local or out of state. When he was recovering from his shoulder surgery a few years ago and unable to shoot, you would find him at shoots helping classify shooters or keeping score. Jim is also quite well known for his voice as an auctioneer, and many have learned the hard way not to “scratch their nose.”   

Over the year’s, Jim has registered targets totaling over 332,850, including 117,250 singles, 138,150 handicap and 77,450 doubles. And, his accomplishments are many. You can find his name on 100 straight plaques at several clubs including the Casa Grande Gun Club where he has an amazing record of 39 - 100 straights. He was a member of the Arizona State Board of Directors in 1989, 90, 91, 95, 96, 97, 2002, 03, 05 and 2006. He served as president 3 times and as the Alternate delegate twice.  Jim has been a member of the Men’s State Team 10 years and has won numerous State and other major trophy titles.

Jim’s expertise and dedication to the sport have proven him to be a worthy and deserving member of the Arizona State Trapshooting Hall of Fame.

Major Trophy Wins  
Year                       Event                    Trophy Won                        Score  

Arizona State Shoot:  

1983                     Wed Hd                Runnerup                            91  

1989                     Dbl Chmp             ATA Champ                         99 

                              Sgl Chmp              Class A                                 199 + 49 sh  

1991                     Dbl Chmp             Class A                                 98

1992                     Tues Sgl                Class AA                              100 + 100 cy


1993                     Wed Hd                25-27 yd                             95  

1996                     Wed Hd                Runnerup                            97  

                              Thur Hd                Runnerup                            96  

1998                     Hd Chmp              ATA Champ                         94 + 23-23 sh  

2001                     Wed Dbl               Class A                                 99 

2002                     Dbl Chmp             ATA Champ                         98  

                              Thur Dbl               Class A                                 92 + 50 cy  

2003                     Wed Sgl                Class AA                               100 + 99 cy 

                              Hd Chmp              ATA Runnerup                    93 + 22 sh  

2006                     Tues Sgl                Class AA                               100 + 25 cy  

2007                     Prelim Hd             Runnerup                            96 + 24 sh  

                              Hd Chmp              4th Place                             97 + 24 sh  

Autumn Grand:

2004                     Hd Chmp              6th                                       96  

2005                     Class Dbl               AA Ru                                   99  

2007                     Tues Sgl                Veteran                               100  

2008                     Tues Hd                27 yd                                   99  

                              Prelim Hd             5th                                       97  

Spring Grand:  

2002                     Sgl Chmp              AA Ru                                  200  

2003                     Dbl Chmp             AA winner                           100  

2005                     Class Dbl               A winner                              98  

2008                     Hd Chmp              Runnerup                            98  


Golden West Grand:  

1997                     Thur 2nd Hd        Winner                                99  

2008                     Hd Chmp              Veteran                               94