Paul Doetsch

Inducted 2009


Paul began his trapshooting career in 1985; however, he was an old hand with a shotgun. Having spent a good portion of his younger days in California hunting upland game and waterfowl, the shotgun was a familiar instrument in his hands.  It has been said that most of the game wardens where he grew up knew him by his first name simply because he was always out in the field.  But it is most likely that some of this notoriety may have been as a result of his rowdy friends that spent that hunting time with him and who are now also now spending trapshooting time with him.  


Paul wasted no time getting into the swing of things.  He won several trophies at the local Arizona shoots as well as state titles by winning the first of his Arizona State High All Around in 1990 and again in 2000, and 2006.  He also added the High Overall to his name in 1990 and 1991 and in 1992, added the Grand Slam to his name becoming number 121 in the ATA. He has been a member the Arizona Menís State Team 10 years. 


Not being satisfied with just shooting trap, he became an ASTA board member in the third year of his trapshooting career and subsequently served as a board member for an additional 11 years and as alternate delegate twice. To say he is a stickler about the rules and the setting of targets would be like calling a tornado a whirlwind.  Even today, he studies the rules and sets targets at the newly refurbished Ben Avery Clay Target Center. This is in addition to helping run, or should I say running the registered trap shoots at Ben Avery.   


Paul has always made himself available at every club where he shoots and most of the clubs take him up on his offer. You will most likely see him helping with something at all the clubs he attends. Paul will be a great addition to the Arizona State Hall of Fame.  


Major Trophy Wins  


Year                       Event                    Trophy Won                        Score     

Arizona State Shoot:  

1988                     Thu Dbl  Open      Class B                                 95 

1989                     Dbl Cl Chmp         Class AA                              98  

1990                     Dbl Cl Chmp         Class AA                              99  

                              Sgl Chmp              Class AA                              199  

                              All-Ar                    ATA Champ                         387 

                              HOA                      Winner                                969x1,000  

1991                     Wed Hd                25-7                                     95

1991                     Sgl Chmp              Runnerup                            198  

                              Hd Chmp              25-7                                     97  

                              HOA                      Winner                                970x1,000 

1992                     Wed Hd                Winner                                96  

                              HOA                      Class AA                              96 

                              Fri Hd                    25-7                                     97  

1994                     Fri Hd                    Runnerup                            96  

1995                     Wed Sgl                Class AA                              100  

                              Hd Chmp              25-7                                     95  

1997                     Dbl Cl Chmp         Class AA                              99  

1999                     Wed Sgl                Class AA                              100  

2000                     Sgl Chmp              Class AA                              198  

                              All-Ar                    ATA Champ                         389  

2001                     Dbl Cl Chmp         Class AA                              98  

                              Sgl Chmp              Class AA                              199  

2004                     Fri Hd                    Runnerup                            97 

                              HOA                      Class AA                              959x1,000  

2006                     Wed Dbl               Class AA                              99  

                              All-Ar                    ATA Champ                         389  

2007                     Thu Dbl                 Veteran                               96 

                              Dbl Cl Chmp         Veteran                               97  

                              Dbl Chmp             Veteran                               95  

2008                     Dbl Chmp             Class AA                              97              


Autumn Grand:  

2006                     Hd Chmp              3rd                                       97  

                              All-Ar                    Class AA                              390 

2007                     Wed Dbl               Class A                                 99  


Spring Grand:   

2000                     Hd Chmp              3rd                                       99