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The Arizona Trapshooting Hall of Fame


The Arizona Trapshooting Hall of Fame was established in 1985 and honors individuals who have achieved exemplary shooting prominence and/or who have demonstrated unselfish and voluntary service to the sport of trapshooting over a period that spans at least 10 years.


1985 +C. W. Pete Ferro   1989 +Tony Gorenc   2012 Betty Sackett bio
1985 Dr. Karl Harris    1989 Ray Martin   2012 +Temple Young bio
1985 +Glen Harrison   1991 Cal McConnell   2013 Scott McClelland bio
1985 Jerry Hauser   bio 1992 +E.O. Red Bowers bio 2014 Roger Coveleskie bio
1985 Byron Kemp   1993 +Richard Shepherd   2015 Jim Kelly bio
1985 +H.H (Sam) Saum   1994 Robert Francis   2016 +F. Rudy Etchen bio
1985 Lynn White   1995 +Fred Scheer bio      
1985 +Ben Youngker   1997 +Jack Utley bio      
1985 +Carl (Skeet) Young   1998 +Harry Gruenwald bio      
1986 +Myron Babby   2000 Fred Frazier        
1986 +Maggie Carmichael   2003 +Al Floss   bio      
1986 Jack French   2004 +Dennis Westerlin  bio      
1986 +Jim Stock   2005 Doug Hawkins   bio      
1986 A.C. Thomas   2007 +Hal Getzan     bio      
1986 Jim Vease   2007 +Bill Headstream bio      
1987 +David L Cook   2007 Tim Robb      bio       
1987 +Nancy Place   2009 Paul Doetsch bio      
1987 +Dave Quan   2009 Jim Grider bio      
1988 +Paul Bianco   2009 Richard Goerlich bio      
1988 Bill Coffin   2010 Jim Sharp bio      
1988 +Don Finical   2010 +Paul Wolf bio      


+John Ickes   2011 +John "Gunny" Scanlon bio   +Deceased  



Nominees must have been a resident of State of Arizona and a member of the ATA and the ASTA for a period of at least 10 years.  Individuals can be nominated for one of two categories or a combination of both.

  • Shooting Excellence:  Exemplary Shooting  Excellence and achievement over a period of years that includes a minimum of six (6) Major ATA Championships at the State through National levels.

  • Contributions:  Qualifications include outstanding and unselfish voluntary service  to the sport of trapshooting in the State of Arizona over a period of at least ten (10) years.  Outstanding service on behalf of the shooters of Arizona or other voluntary non-salaried administrative positions such as service to local clubs, the state board of directors, state delegate, or, as a member of the ATA Executive Committee.   

The selection of candidates for the Hall of Fame rests with the ASTA Hall of Fame Committee.  Lists are maintained  of eligible shooters and additional research is conducted through Trap & Field.  The most qualified candidate is selected by the committee and  presented to the Board of Directors for approval.


This does not preclude any member from nominating a person.  An ASTA HOF Nomination Form  must be submitted, outlining the nominee's qualification.  Please note, Trap & Field does charge a fee for their research and this would be the responsibility of the requestor.


The ASTA Board of Directors and the Hall of Fame Committee has the sole power to select, confirm and/or reject nominee's for the hall of Fame.


Please refer to the Current ASTA Rules and Regulations for more information.